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When Microsoft released Media Center Edition in 2002, they didn't really throw their marketing muscle at it. Maybe it was because the technology wasn't quite there yet, or maybe it was because people were enamored with their Tivo's. However, Media Center has received updates more often than Microsoft's other operating systems. Media Center had a 2004 edition, tweaks in XP Service Pack 2, and now 2005 Edition and subsequent Rollup 2. There is also Vista - several versions of it (Home Premium, Ultimate) contain Media Center. A recent OEM-only Vista Media Center provided support for European and Asian markets and standards. Sadly, the DVR-MS file format created by this version also changed.

Windows 7 is out in a public beta and it is everything Vista should have been. It's faster, more stable, and a lot more polished. I upgraded my secondary Vista Media Center box and am quite happy with it. The only drawback so far is Windows 7 uses the new video format mentioned above, and none of my existing software offers support for it right now. As I explore its features, I'll create a new topic for it.

If you have utilities or add-ins for Media Center and would like a distribution site or download mirror, please contact me at the address below.


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